Averted Gaze

Observing strangers whilst travelling around London has been a kind of voyeuristic journey into other people’s lives. Although it’s ironic that each persons averted gaze conceals their identity. To the viewer these strangers may appear lonely as they all have been singled out and thrown into a group of faceless outcasts. Without their face they become cold and heartless, their soul is stripped away and all is left is a shadow. Everyday we pass, share our space and life with hundreds of people. A few may evoke a feeling or emotion within us, whilst we might try to guess the lives of others. Often we are so immersed in our own ¬†private thoughts and lives that we simply go past people without taking any notice of them.

This book is dedicated to all the people in the portraits. I would like to thank you all for sharing your journey with me.

Portraits: Acrylic on paper 35×27 cm


Design & Illustration

  • Anna Lubecka

Artist medium

  • Acrylic