Bubble’s In Trouble (Die Cut Spinning Pop-Up Book)

A lovely die cut book, featuring a glittery pufferfish called Bubble. One day Bubble gets stuck in a ship’s porthole. Along comes the crab, an eel and other fish, who try to set him free, but Bubble gets even more tightly wedged in. As Bubble wriggles around he puffs up even bigger, until an Octopus comes along and tickles Bubble, until… he sneezes and pops out spinning around, back into the ocean.

It was great coming up with the concept for this format, having the talented illustrator, Ag Jatkowska on board to develop a style suited to the characters and format of this book. I even had a go at paper engineering, to create the glittery, spinning pop-up mechanism with funny googly eyes!



  • Concept Design
  • Novelty Design
  • Paper Engineering
  • Cover Design
  • Layout Design
  • Typography
  • Style Development
  • Illustrator Development
  • Project Management


  • Ag Jatkowska


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