Busy People: Doctor

What’s it like being a doctor?
Step inside the life of Doctor Miranda and discover the challenges she faces in her very busy job. From checking a pregnant lady’s blood pressure to writing a prescription for medicine, learn about the inspirational life of a doctor.

An entertaining story following a day in the life of a doctor for children aged 4+, with fun illustrations to engage and inspire young readers. Turn to the back of the book for more information about what a doctor’s job involves, the equipment they need, and the other busy people that work alongside them. The Next Steps include discussion points about the story to prompt further conversation, develop vocabulary, and support comprehension.

People who help us, people who care, busy people are everywhere!
Encourage the next generation of busy people and learn about a range of careers in this inspiring series for young children. Each story focuses on a different professional as they go about their daily work, exploring what each job involves, why it’s important, and how it can be rewarding.


  • Cover Design
  • Layout Design
  • Art Direction


  • Lucy Cuthew


  • Ando Twin


  • QED Publishing