Hello Kitty I Love Playing Shops

Part of the new ‘Hello Kitty Loves’ series where Hello Kitty is your playmate for some best-loved children’s games, this book contains over 100 stickers, enabling the reader to join in the fun! Whether playing greengrocers or sweetshops; toyshops or cafes, young readers will love the full-size till with card-scanner and money stickers; arranging their own window displays; pricing and labelling their goods and then playing with Hello Kitty, taking it in turns to be the customer or the shopkeeper. On the final spreads readers can design their own shop name and branding; bags, packaging and sign, before arranging their display for the morning, locking up and going home for a well-deserved cup of cocoa!


  • Cover Design
  • Layout Design
  • Puzzle & Activity Design
  • Artworking
  • Illustration
  • Picture Research
  • Project Management


  • Sanrio


  • HarperCollins Children's Books