Higgledy Piggledy: The Hen Who Loved to Dance

A lovely re-print with a new cover design about a hen called Higgledy Piggledy, who loves to dance! But how useful in dancing on a farm where all the other animals are working hard, like Festival the Horse pulling the cart or Lilly the cow giving milk. Her mum thinks there is no future on dancing and the other animals thinks she is lazy. Festival the horse pulls the cart, Lilly the cow give milk, whilst silly Higgledy dances around them. But when Max the kitten gets stuck on a tree, and all the animals try to help, it’s Higgledy who coaxes Max to dance down the tree. Hurray Higgledy Piggledy!



  • Paperback Cover Re-Design
  • Artworking


  • Francesca Simon


  • Elizabeth Moseng


  • HarperCollins Children's Books