Natural Wonders of the World

Discover 30 marvels of Planet Earth in this illustrated edition

As you stroll through the pages of this passport to Planet Earth, discover the awesome spectacle of nature through truly glorious photography.

From firefly squid glowing against the night sky in Japan to a Mexican cave filled with the largest crystals ever found, you’ll discover the stories and science behind these wonders, the threats they now face and the efforts taking place to save them. How did the Grand Canyon come to be? Where is the most electric place on Earth? And what can we do to protect the Great Barrier Reef?

Find the answers to all these questions and more in this must-have for anyone fascinated by the planet we call home.


Molly Oldfield (Author)
Molly Oldfield studied Modern History at Oxford before becoming a writer and researcher on the BBC television show QI. She has worked on a string of bestselling QI books, wrote a weekly QI column for the Daily Telegraph and researched the BBC4 radio show The Museum of Curiosity



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