Piper the Puppy: Learns To Swim

It’s time for Piper Puppy’s first swimming lesson! She’s a bit worried about how it will go but ends up having a great time blowing bubbles and splashing about with her friends. This reassuring story is perfect for sharing with young children.

Poor Piper is a bit nervous about her first swimming lesson, but she cheers up when she sees all her friends at the pool and realises that she can take things at her own pace. She paddles, blows bubbles with Mummy and makes big splashes before using a float to swim all the way across the little pool. The story breaks down the different aspects of learning to swim, helping with a very common childhood worry and aiming to allay the fears of all fearful little swimmers.

With a picture glossary at the beginning to introduce new vocabulary and a fun activity at the end to encourage children to come back to the story time and time again.


Published: 14th April 2022

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  • Cover Design
  • Layout Design


  • Steph Hinton


  • Pat-A-Cake