Spot The Zebra At The Zoo

I had so much fun creating this series. I have always wanted to design a “spot the…” book. I finally had the opportunity to come up with a picture book series, with an educational twist. When looking for illustrators, Joelle Deidremy came to mind. I always liked Joelle’s style of art and her busy scenes full of characters, funny situations and millions of cool things to spot. After we decided to base the story in a zoo environment, I came up with a title Spot the Zebra an the Zoo, followed by some initial concept layout designs of a penguin tank glass and kids staring in from outside, with a hidden zebra in the scene. I mocked up some cover concepts in style of Joelle and when everyone was happy, I asked Joelle to draw up some samples, and the series was born. I got my budding designer Krina involved in the project, and guided her through the design process, and she did a wonderful job continuing the four titles in the series with various illustrators.



  • Concept Design
  • Sample Cover and Layout Design
  • Art Direction
  • Series Design Management
  • Illustrator Commissioning
  • Design Commissioning


  • Joelle Dreidemy


  • Alexandra Koken


  • Krina Patel


  • QED Publishing