Worries Big and Small When You Are 6

The second book in an engaging, dip-in series all about worries, themed by age as fears change as children get older. A reassuring, practical new series to help children build coping skills and resilience.

What if someone is bullying me?
What if I’m bad at P.E. and sports?
What if I keep imagining scary stuff?

Packed with helpful tips to help 6 year olds think about their fears and learn how to combat them, this book is an ideal starting point for parents to start conversations about worries. 30 questions and answers cover topics from school, trips to the park and visiting friends to sport, performing and going to the shops.

Consultancy by expert Educational Psychologist Dr Miquela Walsh, DEdPsych, MsC (Dist), BSc (Hons), PCPC accredited.