Quarto bag design

The Quarto Group Bag Design Competition

When I was working for QED Publishing, a competition was announced globally to all Quarto employees. A chance to design a Quarto Group tote bag, which would represent the whole group company and all the imprints, then made and printed for the London Book Fair. The prize? A return flight to anywhere in the world if you won.

I never entered a design competition before so gave it a shot. A month later, after I submitted my design, Marcus Leaver and Bob Morley appeared at my desk to congratulate me. “Where will you go?” they kept asking. “Japan, Australia?”

I finally knew where, to Thailand, to surprise by best friend Vinni for his birthday! 🙂



Quarto bag design quarto-girls-modelling-my-bag

The girls at QED sent me this picture 🙂

From left to right: Krina Patel, Ruth Symons, Tasha Percy, Anya Larks & Abigail Bains


Quarto bag design Quarto bag design

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