Twirlywoos winning pitch!


Twirlywoos was a winning pitch for HarperCollins Children’s Books, after which they were granted an exclusive global publishing rights to DHX Brands new hit CBeebies show Twirlywoos.

It was an amazingly fun and high pressured experience, with all of the HarperCollins Children’s team putting their heads together to transform the office into Twirlywoos world. And I have to say they did an amazing job, creating posters, turning the room into The Big Red Boat, making cupcakes and character balloons. Together with the design and editorial team, we came up with some exciting book designs and formats for this licensed brand including preschool board books, activity books, annuals, e-books, audio, novelty and gift titles. The publishing kicked off in October 2015 with my Twirlywoos Little Library and two board books–Meet the Twirlywoos and Hello Chickedy, Hello Chick followed by various activity books, and more exciting novelty books launching in 2017.

Meet Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick, four vividly coloured bird-like creatures – and the stars of Twirlywoos.

It’s been fun creating all sort of books designs for this brand and the intro song to the TV show will always start playing in my head whenever I see the Twirlywoos!

“Quacky Birds fly over the sea. Bring that boat close home to me”

twirlywoos-pitch-5       hc-twirlywoos-pitch-3      twirlywoos-pitch-3

twirlywoos-pitch-10      hc-twirlywoos-pitch-4

hc-twirlywoos-pitch-13       twirlywoos-pitch-9

hc-twirlywoos-pitch-2      hc-twirlywoos-pitch-12

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